Delta Nintendo emulator iOS - Play Nintendo games on iPhones and iPads

Let me explain the Delta Nintendo emulator iOS

Delta Nintendo emulator iOS is an app that is used to play classic Nintendo games on iPhones and iPads.


With this amazing tool, people can play almost all of the Nintendo classic games using their iPhones or iPads.


The gaming experience is almost the same compared with the physical game console.


So, keep reading this article to know more about the Delta Nintendo emulator iOS.

Delta Nintendo emulator iOS


How to download the Delta Nintendo emulator for iOS?


There is more than one download method available to download the Delta Nintendo emulator.


We are going to explain only the recommended method to get the latest version of Delta.


This Nintendo emulator is not permitted to install directly on iPhones and iPads as it does not meet the security standards of the Apple app store.


So that we have to go on an unofficial way to get the Delta Nintendo emulator iOS for iPhones and iPads.


Some alternative app stores allow you to get the Delta.


Get AltStore to install the Delta emulator


AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS that was developed by the same developer who released the Delta.


AltServer which is used to install the AltStore also free to download to any iPhone or iPad and it will require Windows or Mac PC to install AltStore through the PC.


When you install the AltServer on your PC, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC.

Then you can select the install AltStore option from the AltServer menu.


Then the AltServer will install AltStore on your iPhone or iPad and an icon will appear on your screen when the installation is completed.



Installing Delta through the AltStore


Now you need to open the AltStore app by clicking the icon on the home screen.


When you open the AltStore app, you will see the Delta emulator is available to download and all you need to do is to click the FREE button to start installing the Delta emulator on your iPhone or iPad.


Once the AltStore finished installing the Delta emulator, an icon will appear on your device screen.


Click the Delta Nintendo emulator iOS icon to open the emulator and play classic games.



Features of Delta Nintendo emulator


  • Delta has a user-friendly interface
  • Saving and loading games
  • Use skins to customize the game control appearances
  • Import games using ROM files
  • Has an in-built browser for finding and adding games to the Delta game library
  • Works with the latest iOS 16 version


Frequently asked questions


Is it secure to use AltStore for downloading the Delta emulator?


Yes, it is secure to use the AltStore as this tool was also developed by the Delta emulator developer as I mentioned above.


Does Delta work with iPhone 14?


Yes, the Delta iOS emulator is compatible with the iPhone 14 version without any upgrades to the app.


How to play Super Mario Bros on iPhones?


Get the latest version of Delta Nintendo emulator iOS and install it.


Then go to the app and use the game browser to find the Super Mario Bros game and when you find it, click on the thumbnail to add it to your game library.


Delta is stopped working on my iPad, what should I do?


First, restart your device and try to open again the Delta app.


If this step is not working, you have to re-install the Delta app and try again. This step will work in most of cases.


  1. Just installed Delta Emulator but it freezes and crashes. How to fix it.


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