Nintendo iOS emulator

What is the Nintendo iOS emulator?

Nintendo iOS emulator is an iOS application that is available for free. With the Nintendo iOS emulator, users are able to play classic games on iOS devices like Nintendo, Gameboy, and Sega Genesis. If you are finding a way to play those old game systems, the Delta Nintendo iOS emulator is the best option that you have for free.

But there is a problem when installing the Delta emulator on iOS devices. Apple is not welcome to install third-party apps on Apple devices. So, there are company restrictions available and they are blocking the installations of third-party iOS apps.

This same problem is happening when we try to install the Nintendo iOS emulator on iPhones and iPads. But today we are going to explain how to install the Delta emulator on iPhones and iPads.

Nintendo iOS emulator

How Nintendo iOS emulator function?

When you download and install the Delta emulator on iOS devices you are able to easily access the Delta app even without creating any user accounts. Also, the Delta emulator does not require you to use your Apple ID too.

When you access the Delta emulator's latest version, you will see the available games on the home page under the game systems that I mentioned above. If you are visiting the app for the first time you might not see the games. But you can add games easily to the Delta emulator.

 You can select any game from the list and click on it to start the game. Then the Delta will open the selected games with game controllers. All you need to do is to use the controllers and play the game that you open like you were playing it with the physical game controllers.

Methods to add the game to Delta emulator

There are two methods available to add games to the Delta emulator app. These two methods are recommended by the Delta developers. As the first method, you can use your installed Delta app itself. Delta comes with a game browser that helps to find games online. Go to the game browser and search for a game that you need to play.

You will see the games on the search results and all you need to do is to click a game that appears on the search result and it will install the game on the Delta game library.

The second method is importing ROM files directly into the Delta emulator and adding games to the Nintendo iOS emulator game library. In this method, first, you need to find ROM files that suit the games that you need to play. Then you need to download them to your iPhone or iPad.

When the downloading is completed, long press on the ROM file, and then you need to share it with the Nintendo iOS emulator. When the sharing is completed, you will see the game that you imported is available on the Delta game library.

Features that help to play classic games on iOS devices with Delta

  • Delta has a good user-friendly interface that makes anyone who uses the Delta comfortable
  • Cheat codes are available to use to skip game levels easily
  • Import games using ROM files as I mentioned above
  • Sync game data with Dropbox and Google drive and it also allows playing the same game using two or multiple iOS devices
  • Save and load games using the saving option
  • Use skins to customize game controller appearance by changing colors, buttons, UI and etc
  • Supports almost all of the Nintendo and other console games

How to install the Nintendo iOS emulator on iPhones and iPads

Install Delta emulator with a computer method

In this method, you need to install a tool called AltStore on your iPhone or iPad. AltStore is an iOS tool that helps to install the Delta emulator directly on iPhones and iPad. The amazing news is the AltStore is developed by the same developer who built the Delta emulator.

First, you need to get the AltServer and install it on your Windows or Mac PC. Then you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and install Delta by using the options on the AltServer.

When the installation is completed, the Delta icon will appear on your device screen.

How to download Delta emulator no computer

There are some options available to install the Delta emulator without a computer. Some alternative app stores like Tutubox allow installing Delta directly through their app stores. The Cydia impactor is also a good method to install Delta on an iPhone or iPad. But you need to make sure that you have to do this installation at your own risk.   


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